For someone who is into tech, I am actually a late adopter in most circumstances… even a laggard in other circumstances. Why? I want something to prove itself before I am willing to spend my time or money on it. Until now, for me, Snapchat was always a novelty reserved for millenials until I read this article by Petapixel.

Allow me a moment to summarize: Snapchat bought a company called Looksery which developed a brilliant method of recognizing faces in video (and presumably photos). This is what fuels Snapchat’s filters.

Why is this important?  Search engines have a difficult time identifying and understanding video content unless you have carefully written meta-descriptions with appropriate keywords; standard and long-tail in addition to a host of other factors that are more than this post is intended to cover. Looking ahead, as processing speed and algorithms improve, we might actually see a day where AI, reviewing visual and audio data contained in a video, informs search engines exactly what the contents of the video are and will rank it’s authority and relevance appropriately.