You’ve spent a significant amount of time and money on creating a video to promote your awesome business and you wait a week, two weeks, a month and now you’re wondering “Why isn’t anyone watching my video?”. Welcome to the birth of video marketing. While it may seem obvious today, when YouTube and social video became mainstream, many people jumped on board making video content only to turn up (in their mind) a meager number of views in proportion to how cool their product or service was. While this isn’t a definitive list, here are some common reasons people aren’t watching your promotional video.



Reason # 1: Relevancy to Your Audience

So, you may have received 100,000 impressions on your video but only 5 people watched it. It’s not just about the content itself being relevant, it’s about how the video is being promoted. People see headlines and titles first, if it’s compelling, they’ll watch. Another condition of relevancy to consider, but difficult to prove, is the context where your video is appearing. If the person is browsing, but not buying, they’re not likely to watch the video. The good news: those people who watch are more likely to go on and make a purchase. In 2014, Tubular Insights published this article on consumer purchasing behavior in relation to watching video.  So, your video might be a success for your business, you just don’t know it.. which leads us to the next point..

Reason #2: Not Setting Proper Goals

No one ever in history got it in their mind to do something because “it sounded like a good idea, it will probably work” without setting proper goals, right? That’s what I thought.  Look.. If you’re in a hyper-niche business with a small customer base, chances are any videos you make will not likely push the 100 view mark unless it’s something that goes extraordinarily viral.

There are two ways not setting goals hurts you:  #1, Without benchmarking or establishing a baseline for what a “win” looks like, there’s nothing to celebrate or bemoan. #2, Without having a realistic sense of your buying audience’s size, you could be doing well (500 views from an audience of 2,000 isn’t terrible) whereas 500 views from a potential audience of 2,000,000 might be depressing.

Reason #3: Setting it and Forgetting It

I get it. You’re overwhelmed, you’re a staff of 3 that needs to be a staff of 30. Promoting a single video across social channels, etc. can seem like a low priority task. Uploading it to YouTube and not taking the time to optimize for search or announce to your customer base about it’s existence is probably not going to net you many results.

Reason # 4: Limiting it to a Single Channel

I love YouTube, but it’s not the only way to publish your video content. If you’re not including video in e-mail, social posts, or some other form of internet magic then you’re wasting your opportunity to reach people where THEY are at, not where you EXPECT them to be at.

Reason # 5: Not Giving it Enough Time

There are so many anecdotal stories about there about how such and such viral video took 5 years to become viral. Even Gary Vaynerchuck took a LONG TIME to hit mainstream. Now that we’re on that subject, when did someone ever magically become a celebrity overnight (ok we’re not going to delve deeper answering that). The point is that time, consistency and patience will eventually give way to successful video marketing.

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