Frequently Asked Questions


What does Brainstream Creative do?

A: We’re a video marketing agency that works with small businesses, corporations, sometimes digital marketing agencies and other entities to develop strategic plans to integrate and leverage high volume video content to act in concert with existing or upcoming marketing activities. We also provide consulting services to the DIY crowd or in-house teams to help them improve their video capabilities. Finally, we offer full service pre-through-post video creation services.

What costs are involved?

A: Our prices are typical of other production companies and tend to cost between $3,500 – $25,000 on up. Factors that influence the cost are turnaround time, materials used, crew needed, voiceover and talent costs, graphic design & animation. For specific package pricing, please contact a sales representative through our contact form. For our strategic planning & consulting services, we charge on an hourly basis or flat rate, depending on the type of engagement. Some of our strategic planning prices can be credit towards long term engagements.

Why are video crew rates broken down into half days and full days? What if I just need you for 1 hour?

A: In our industry, the half-day and full day rates are standard. In any shoot, a considerable amount of time is spent developing a shot list, checking off shoot logistics, preparing equipment, transporting gear and setting up. Every shoot is a 4-hour commitment, minimum.

Who owns the footage you shoot for me?

A: When we are hired to produce a project, our clients own full rights to all FINAL and FINISHED video projects produced by Brainstream Creative. If we use any royalty free media, we make sure that it’s licensed for your use. We ensure legal agreements between talent, voiceover artists and contractors retained by us on your behalf contain a full rights transfer.

What tools do you use?

 A: We use a variety of tools and only use the best suited to the project within the available budget.

What should I expect in terms of turnaround times?

A: Depending on the complexity of the project, it can be turned around within 24-48 hours, for a premium. This isn’t taking approval process into account. Usually, projects take 1-3 months, one for single videos, as many as 3 for multiple videos. Again this is a function of time on both Brainstream and Client side. Our experience is that the delays occur during the approval process when multiple decision makers are involved. This isn’t a judgment about that, it just is. We aim to get things done sooner rather than later, so it’s always possible your project will be completed early.

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