George Pariseau, Founder

George Pariseau began his career in video production while still in highschool. He was employed by the University of Michigan at the age of 18 and served as a videographer, learning the process of planning and creating videos in an era where digital was replacing analog and the internet was in it’s infancy.

As a result of being exposed to new ideas, technology and bearing witness to the rise of the early internet, two things occurred: a) George realized that at some point, high speed internet was going to be delivering information to households across the globe and b) that it would be important to his career to learn about disciplines that went into building the internet such as graphic design, project management and marketing.

After a period of career starts and stops, failures and successes, George conceived of Brainstream Creative in 2013 as a platform for his pursuits in the realm of creative entrepreneurship. In 2014, Brainstream Creative was founded with the mission to find and tell great stories. George earned a Bachelor of Science in Art (minor in marketing) from Eastern Michigan University and has won awards for his skill as an editor and storyteller.

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