“I’ve had the privilege to work with George in a variety of capacities. His work ethic and dedication to getting the job done right separates him from the pack. He constantly looks for ways to strengthen his business and provide great service to his customers. When George is behind the task, I can breathe easier. Pair that with his collaborative nature, and you’re sure to be in good hands.”

Eddie Fritz – Video Team Leader at MLive Media Group

“George has a great eye for capturing the heart and soul of a business, and translating it into not one, not two, but MULTIPLE videos which can be used in a variety of ways. LeadQuine hired George and Brainstream Creative to produce videos for us to promote the expansion of our business. He not only produced phenomenal content videos, but also worked with us to think about how to maximize, market, and use those videos to grow our business. He was patient and kind throughout the process, accepted feedback exceptionally well, and kept the lines of communication open at all times. We could not be more pleased with the results, and highly recommend his work without reservation. ”

Ellen Patnaude – CoFounder, LeadQuine

“George and I met at WCC when he came into the Entrepreneurship Center while he both studied and worked at the college. He is a great connector and hub of information for creatives and small business owners in the area. George devotes himself to meeting with people to further his craft, his network and to assist others. I so appreciate his support of our Center and his help with organizing events, particularly the Art Meets Entrepreneurship: The Business of Being an Artist seminar, in which he was an informative panelist. I recommend George as a connected, resourceful local business owner and supporter of other creatives in business on their own!”

Kristin Gapske – Director, Entrepeneurship Center, Washtenaw Community College

“George and I met through common connections. When I saw the amazing demo reel he put together, I immediately knew he would be the guy to ask about using video for building my brand image. We had a 2hr conversation and he really helped me clarify my goals and vision with this video project that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. He shared some great insight and personal experiences which will help me plan & troubleshoot future projects. He also pointed out details that an expert would know so that when I do engage with audiovisual professionals, I can make sure to know what to ask of them. The conversation with George was exactly what I need to finalize this project and get started on thinking about a video setup in-house. I look forward to our ongoing partnerships and collaboration and can only recommend him as an expert in his field. Thank you!”

Dr. Katiuska Luna Cancalon – Founder of Koncenter

“George and the Brainstream Creative team did a fantastic job on the video they created for us! They were amazingly responsive, turned things around very quickly, and paid great attention to detail throughout the entire production process. When we screened the final video for our community a few weeks ago, several people broke down in tears because it captured our essence so authentically. I’d definitely hire George and his team again in a heartbeat!”

Marisa Smith – Marketing Director, EOS Worldwide

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