Strategic Creative & Planning

Some of our clients choose to hire us because they are overwhelmed with all the possible decisions they could make when incorporating video into their mix. Rather than treating each video project like another widget to manufacture, we make the time to evaluate your existing branding, current and future marketing activities, competitive landscape, and your client personas to develop a recommended approach with the many ways you can use video in your business communications.



DIY Video – Where Theory and Practice Meet

We’re smart enough to know that given enough time and practice, internal teams have the power to create brilliant video content. The challenge with this approach is that they don’t always understand the principles of creating great video or have the processes and tools to create video efficiently. We can help marketing teams get started in the video making process and offer a launchpad for creating great video for a lifetime. What’s better, we can show companies how it’s done within their own marketing ecosystem so that theory and practice meet.



Video Pre through Post Production

Over the years we’ve learned best practices in creating video from corporate in-house, independent filmmaking and broadcast environments. From developing ideas, messaging, stories through pulling together the perfect team to create your project, we deliver. Our founder has filmed and edited thousands of hours of video and can be found rolling up his sleeves and getting involved in the work at times.



We Also Offer

A look and style to your content, based on your brand guidelines and client communication preferences. 

Quick Turn Around

The sooner you publish your content, the sooner eyeballs see it, the sooner someone becomes a customer. Our project turnarounds run from 24 hours to several months, depending on the scope.

Optimized Video

We create video aligned with your brand standards, digital marketing campaigns and we provide you with the tools to track and measure your results.

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