2021 and Birdshit

How can birdshit sum up a year?

On the last day of 2021 one of the things I did was take my car to the local carwash and give it a thorough cleaning..

In my 20’s, you basically had to climb over a pile of trash to sit in my car.. (very messy then), but now, I like to keep my vehicle in good shape (for the most part).

It feels good to drive in a clean car (at least for me it does).

So after washing it, vacuuming it, and just getting it all in order, 30 minutes later, a bird shits on the hood.

We’ll get back to the 2021 analogy later.

In 2019, among other things, I had made great strides towards improving my physical health. As far as my business was concerned I had made the most revenue, and had more of an impact for my clients than I did any year prior, and I was on track to make as much in the first quarter of 2020 as I had in all of 2019. Things were pretty awesome.. I had met some cool people along my journey, made some new friends; overall life was looking solid.
We all know what happened in 2020; I’m not going to discuss here because this post is about 2021 and bird shit. (I made the most of my 2020).

2021 started with a host of awesome possibilities. Some of those possibilities turned into crushing disappointments and some of them I refined into pure gold. My only brag about my accomplishments is I had many and celebrate them with myself and those close to me.

So what about the bird shit?

On the last day of 2021, after feeling good about completing such a simple task as cleaning my car (interior and exterior), out of all the possible expanse in the environment, the mass, velocity, and other elements of physics that I don’t comprehend, decided that my hood was the place this stuff would land.

I was upset at how my efforts had been foiled, but recovered and was able to wipe it off with relative ease. In that moment, I recognized that the disappointments of 2021 were like that bird shitting on my car.

I could have let my disappointments in 2021 define me, but instead I focused on the moments where I was able to refine gold. I had harnessed my inner strength and used that energy for self – constructive behaviors. Those disappointments became a GRAIN OF SAND compared to the other things that opened up in my life. 

That was my biggest accomplishment of 2021.

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